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All kindergartners | States.csv | 2012-13

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Abbreviations: MMR: measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine; DTaP/DT: diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine; HepB: Hepatitis B; Polio: Poliovirus; NA: not available; NReq: not required for school entry.

Data Notes:

• Data for the 2010-11 school year were not verified.

• In 2009-10 and 2011-12, data were weighted on the population if awardee submitted reports for <95% of enrolled students. Other years, estimates were adjusted for non-response and weighted for sampling as appropriate.

• In 2012-13, estimates for DE and GA were approximated and estimates for CO and SC were provided by the awardee. In 2013-14, estimates for DE and VA were approximated.

• Estimates for completed vaccine series vs. specific antigen specified with ≥.

• Vaccination coverage includes kindergartners who received all required doses for each vaccine.

• Varicella vaccination coverage may include history of disease or laboratory evidence of immunity.

• Kindergarten population was approximated by each state/area.

• Sample designs varied by state/area: census: all schools (public and private) and all children within schools included in the assessment; random sample: random sample of schools and/or students selected; voluntary response: census with a student response rate of 90% (does not imply that participation was optional); convenience sample: selection process was unclear.

• Some states may count some or all doses received regardless of Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended age and time interval; vaccination coverage shown might be higher than those for valid doses.

• Most awardees require 2 doses of MMR.

• DTaP vaccination coverage might include some DTP (diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine) or DT (diphtheria and tetanus toxoids) if administered in another country or vaccination provider continued to use after 2000. Most awardees report that they require 4 or 5 doses of DTaP for school entry.

• Most awardees report that they require 3 or 4 doses of Polio vaccine.

• Most awardees require 3 doses of Hep B vaccine.

• The median is the center of estimates in the distribution. National estimates are the sum of the weighted number of kindergartners with the number of vaccination doses divided by the sum of the state kindergarten populations. Medians and national estimates did not include AK, CO, DC, HI, NC, NH, NJ, and WY (2009-10); AK, DC, HI, NC, NH, NJ, and WY (2011-12); AK, DC, HI, NC, and NH (2012-13); DC, HI, NC, and WY (2013-14); DC, HI, and NC (2014-15); OK and WY (2016-17); WY (2017-18); AK and DC (2018-19); AK,DE, and DC (2019-20).


* The percentage of kindergartners surveyed may be <100%; shown as 100% based on available information on current enrollment among schools for which awardees had information.

† Kindergarten coverage data collected from a sample and exemption data collected from a census of kindergartners.

‡ For 2014-15 through 2019-20, included some or all vaccine doses received regardless of ACIP recommended age and time interval; all other years, included vaccine doses received regardless of ACIP recommended age and time interval. Vaccination coverage rates shown may be higher than those for valid doses.

§ Does not include some special types of schools.

|| Pertussis was not required in PA until 2017-18; coverage for DT was 90.8% in 2009-10, 91.1% in 2011-12, 90.7% in 2012-13, 88.3% in 2013-14, and 93.9% in 2014-15, 96.3% in 2015-16, and 94.8% in 2016-17.

¶ Public school data only.

** May include preschool and pre-kindergarten students.

†† HepB vaccine was not required in SD but 3-dose coverage was reported. Coverage rate shown may be an underestimate.

‡‡ Estimates represent coverage among children in kindergarten and 1st grade.

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